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Lundberg Design: 2006-present
I am currently employed as a project manager at Lundberg Design in San Francisco, working mostly on residential designs, as well as a winery in Napa.  One of the great things about Lundberg Design is our fabrication shop--we work in metal and wood to build components of our designs.  I've been fortunate to be able to continue to build and fabricate things while also working on designs, construction drawings, presentation renderings, and project management.

Robin Dripps and Lucia Phinney: 2000-2006

A design-build studio in the final semester of my undergraduate architecture training at the University of Virginia led to this unique opportunity to work with these two professors. Since graduation in 2000 (and during graduate school starting fall 2004), I worked for them full-time, collaborating on the design of projects in and around their home in Batesville, Virginia. I have been able to do all of the construction, metal fabrication, and installation by myself. For most of the projects I make Microstation Triforma 3D computer models, images, and drawings--in one instance making solar study movies on the solstices in order to drive the design and placement of a shade structure. Over the course of these projects I have learned many metal fabrication techniques--shearing, bending, torching, rolling, tapping, drilling, milling, and working with stainless, aluminum, and steel, as well as MIG and TIG welding in stainless and steel.

Building; Studio: Evelyn Tickle and Alexander Kitchin: Summer 2000
I worked on two projects for a former studio critic: the fabrication and construction of a steel, cable, and wood staircase, and a Microstation model for the redesign of a porch. I assisted on the welding and detailing and did most of the construction, fabrication, and installation of the staircase.

Peter Waldman, Architect: Summer 1999
Between my third and fourth years of undergraduate study, I worked for Professor Peter Waldman. I worked on the redesign of a bedroom roof on the Fein residence in Princeton, NJ. I constructed a mylar, steel, and basswood addition to an existing model, as well as producing a 1/2" scale set of pencil construction documents. The following semester, I modeled the project for a CAD course. I also worked on a set of 1/2" scale construction documents for the Proxenos O'Brien residence in Georgetown.


University of Virginia: 2004-2006
Master of Architecture (4.0 GPA)
Lori Ann Pristo Award for Academic Excellence

University of Virginia: 1995-2000
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, with Honors
Kyle Kaufmann Award (student body selected)
Duncan J. McCrae Award (faculty selected)
Dean's List: Fall 95, Spring 96, Fall 97, Spring 00
Vice-President of UVA Architecture School Design Council, 1999-2000 (student elected)
Published in Virginia Studio Record, UVA Architecture School: 1998, 1999 (201, 202, 302 studio work)

National Merit Finalist Scholarship.
Valedictorian, Flathead High School, Kalispell, Montana, 1995.


Experience collaborating on designs and working in groups, ability to lead groups and projects, and intimate experience managing the construction process from design to completion. Welding and metal fabrication in stainless, aluminum, and steel. CNC router, mill, and laser cutter, FDM 3D printing, woodworking. Drafting and model making, free hand drawing and sketching, watercolor.

Proficiency in a number of software programs: Microstation Triforma, Maya, FinalToon, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, EdgeCAM, Piranesi, Canoma, Panoramic Tools, Google Earth Pro, Sony Vegas. Familiar with 3D Studio Max, Sketch-Up, AutoCAD, Final Cut Pro.


Bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer in twelve bands over the course of ten years in Charlottesville (currently in four bands), playing original music in a variety of styles. Music performance, composition, and production, film scoring. Woodworking, jewelry smithing, watercolor, drawing, photography, web design, computer animation.

Family bike tours across Colorado and the Rockies of British Columbia. Travel in 47 states. German exchange program to Braunschweig and Berlin, summer 1994. Rome, Florence, Venice, Bologna, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Paris. Costa Rica, Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula.


Professors Robin Dripps and Lucia Phinney, University of Virginia
Professor Earl Mark, University of Virginia
Professor Peter Waldman, University of Virginia
Professor Pheobe Crisman, University of Virginia