Music has always been intriguing to me--rhythmically, emotionally, mathematically, culturally.  I took piano lessons in my elementary years, but sadly a traumatic recital experience cut that progression short.  Fortunately, I took guitar up in tenth grade and began a lifelong love of creating music and interacting with other musicians.  My first few band experiences made me know that I really wanted to be a bass player--the role of interacting with both the drummer as part of the rhythm section as well as the guitarist/keyboardist as part of the harmony section intrigued me, and still does.  I've grown quite fond of playing six string electric bass, but also play a four string fretless as well as upright bass.  Along the way, I've continued to play acoustic and electric guitar, as well as picking up my grandfathers mandolin, coming back to piano (as well as keyboards and Hammond organ), melodica, drum set, congas, didjeredoo, and a foray into sousaphone in search of the lowest possible bass tones. 

After playing in a few bands in high school on guitar, I switched to primarily a bass role in college and beyond, playing in a number of bands in Charlottesville, Virginia--Simple Green, Token Jones, Taint, Guano Boys, Buttr, Rule of Thump, Turk and Leva, The Trouble with Harry, Mixed Bag, EmDub, Quandry, and Faster than Walking.  Along the way I've recorded a number of albums and live shows with these bands, and played countless shows across Virginia and D.C., sharing stages with the Meters and the Itals to name a few.  The music on this site represents the bands I'm currently playing with, and the recordings were all engineered and produced by me (in a few cases partnered with Chris Leva).

The bands I've played in are as diverse as the music I listen to--from jazz and funk to rock, eastern, caribbean, reggae, hip hop, electronica, african, bluegrass, old time, blues, and most things in-between.  I have a vast CD collection and listen to all sorts of music from many different eras.  To try and name all of my favorite artists or styles would be difficult to do here, but I have to name a few that if you haven't heard, you should really check out.  For the bassists out there--Jaco Pastorius, Chuck Rainey, Christian McBride, Bernard Edwards, and Familyman Barrett.  For the guitarists--Django Reinhardt and Ernest Ranglin.  Drummers--Billy Cobham, Bernard Purdie, and Steve Gadd.  Keyboardsits--Monty Alexander, Ramsey Lewis, Art Tatum, and Groove Holmes.  Hip hop fans need to check out The Grouch, Ty, Blockhead, 9th Wonder, and Pete Rock.  Electronic music fans should hear Luke Vibert/Wagon Christ, Bonobo, Four Tet, Prefuse 73, Boards of Canada, Sound Tribe Sector 9, The New Deal, and Dzihan and Kamien.  Reggae fans should hear Israel Vibration, Joe Higgs, Culture, and the Mighty Diamonds.  World music aficionados should check into Andy Narell, Bebel Gilberto, Karsh Kale, Talvin Singh, and Oliver Mtukudzi.  I could go on and on...I hope you enjoy listening to my music, and feel free to contact me at if you are interested in purchasing cds, booking an event, or just talking about music.